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The scalability related benefits of Platform Engineering

Platforms are, by definition, easy to scale. This escalation includes the advantages that business and financial guys will welcome.


The organization’s KPIs after the Platform Engineering approach implementation are the same as those of the DevOps model: release early, release often; automate the process, reduce the cost of development, reduce the number of bugs, etc. If your development process doesn’t meet those goals, you can hire more developers or change the approach. We recommend the second way and offer a recipe: platform approach.


The proper Engineering Platform should be Zero Touch operations – a foundation of scalability. An automated environment that is continuously optimized enables roll-outs and scalability.


Going platform doesn’t mean one should expect you to start the revolution. It is not the change of the similar scale as a waterfall to agile overturn. It should be regarded rather as the evolution and reinvention of DevOps into a more effective model. However, it is a relevant pivot, especially in more prominent organizations.


Last but not least: scale means the impact on cybersecurity. On the list of benefits, we shouldn’t underestimate cybersecurity. Yes, we will reach a higher level of security overall and security of software development flow—the new mode of production results in more robust, safe applications. Platform architects are responsible for the protection of the black box environment. Thus – with the Platform engineering approach, we have the power and tools to give the entire organization’s software products more security and resilience.



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