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Try harder, gain cloud optimization on a new platform

Companies require both basic and more sophisticated techniques to optimize their cloud experience. Re-platforming and re-architecturing offer significant savings on cloud costs.

Both techniques, re-platforming and re-architecturing, require interference in solutions or architecture.

Re-platforming is an optimization technique that helps adapt legacy applications to a new cloud platform without profound changes in core architecture. It enables such cloud features as auto-scalability. An example of this option is the AWS Database Freedom program, which helps companies migrate to the AWS database and related services cluster. It offers comprehensive assistance and support during the migration process to make it smooth and significant savings as a final result.

Updating existing systems and workloads to a cloud paradigm improves its performance, lowers cost, and adds flexibility because of the transition to cloud-based services and a pay-as-you-go/subscription model. Savings from properly executed re-platforming may vary from 10% to 40% of the overall cloud costs.

Companies encouraged by such benefits may turn to an even more profound orchestration of technology stack with the cloud. Re-architecting means overlooking the entire enterprise architecture to find and match all the existing application resources with the cloud as the technological core. It may be a medium-scale or significant effort, depending on the existing architecture. This complex and multi-thread operation requires good scheduling of re-architectural review and resultant work on modularizing architecture segments. Some systems will require rewriting in a new code. It’s a radical move that needs investment and time: a dedicated budget and relevant skills set on board. Re-architecture offers significant saving results, coming up to 90%.

Mindbox has the necessary competencies and experience to help companies face the challenge of re-platforming and re-architecture, looking for more benefits from #cloud_optimization. As a neutral and agnostic player on the cloud market landscape, we help companies build mature cloud optimization frameworks.



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