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Mindbox is UiPath Certified Professional Services partner!

Mindbox receives the title of UiPath Certified Professional Services partner and joins the prestigious UiPath Services Network (USN)


Only a select few UiPath partners worldwide who demonstrate exceptional proficiency in delivering hyper-automation solutions are given the esteemed title of elite designation through the UiPath Services Network (USN) program. This program was designed to honor and equip the best UiPath delivery partners worldwide with exclusive access, training, and certification paths, all of which enable them to better support clients in achieving their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) business objectives.


“USN (UiPath Services Network) is the highest level of UiPath certification for Partners, confirming excellent knowledge of UiPath solutions and the highest quality standards in their implementation. I congratulate and am very pleased that Mindbox has joined the ranks of Partners with USN status,” says Leszek Wilczak, Channel Alliance Manager at UiPath


Mindbox, having received this designation, now has access to these benefits, which exemplifies UiPath’s confidence in its ability to deliver services with the same level of expertise and commitment to excellence as its own professional services team.


According to Krzysztof Kuczkowski, Head of Autonomous Enterprise, “Mindbox has always been committed to attracting the best talent in the industry. This is especially true for our UiPath technical team. This recognition is a testament to the outstanding RPA consultants we have on the team.”


“Mindbox recognized early on the value that UiPath’s solutions could provide to customers and thus invested in the technical resources and partnership.” Piotr Krzysztoporski, Mindbox VP, Autonomous Enterprise Practise Director, expressed excitement about being aligned with the best automation platform in the market at the highest level.



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