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Let’s start a business case for Platform Engineering

Successful Platform Engineering implementation offers many benefits, including empowerment of developers while coding in a coherent environment with integration by default, continuous update and optimization, transparency, awareness and understanding of approach across the organization, and measurement and monitoring of the software development process.

The problem may inspire you to look for a solution that already works – there are examples of those who do better with software development. Why not look up to AWS or other public cloud environments – the implementation of the idea of an ecosystem with standard components ready to be used, reused, arranged, and constantly optimized to meet specific needs case by case? This forms a perfect list of benefits from the platform approach in general, and Platform Engineering is not an exception.

Integration by default. The ecosystem – the platform stores and serves a set of complementary elements that can be used and integrated into various sets. It’s a key benefit: you don’t need to worry about the integration because those elements are natively integrated. The same as a properly built Platform should offer.

What do you gain? A properly working platform instead of chaos management. Rather than intuitive but disorganized ways – there is a choice of elements and a basic but ready-to-use and growing repository of templates. All of them can be applied almost automatically.

Continuously updated and optimized environment. If we follow the cloud ecosystem example again, this environment should be set to evolve, optimize and develop to serve developers’ everyday work better. But it should also be adjusted to more strategic, long-term shifts in software products created with the aid of the platform. There’s a bunch of people responsible for this task, an internal team dedicated to continuously developing, testing, and optimizing this environment.

Measurement and monitoring of the process. How far can these analogies between PE and, for example, AWS go? Surely, both environments allow monitoring, measuring, and improving the process and platform itself. We can monitor the efficiency of tools and templates and development teams. You can also compare internal and external teams.

Transparency, awareness, and understanding. Platform Engineering gives us a new level of internal transparency. This transparency allows for supporting the standardization of requirements across the organization. And this, in turn, makes such internal processes as the onboarding of developers more efficient.

Developers empowerment – let them focus on the code. The above-mentioned standardization, integration, and transparency enable your developers to focus on their core activities – a key benefit of the well-designed and deployed Platform Engineering.



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