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EPICOR Strengths: open architecture, flexibility and integration capabilities

Using different data types, combining distributed data sets, and integrating business systems are the cornerstones of transformation projects. This accelerates and automates processes while opening up new business opportunities. Epicor has been known for its open architecture for years, allowing almost unlimited integration with internal and external systems.

This unlimited freedom to integrate Kinetic ERP with other systems is deeply ingrained in technology. Epicor is developing its solution using a service-oriented architecture (SOA). This means that everything in the system is run by services, or business methods, which are triggered in the right order. Of course, this takes place “backstage,” where the stage for the user is a pleasant, intuitive, and easy-to-use graphical interface.

These services – the methods – can be invoked not only by events happening inside the system or by user actions but also in various ways from the external environment. At this point, this integration can be two-way: one can run services inside the Kinetic ERP, but at the same time, these services can initiate certain actions outside the system, such as uploading or downloading some data. Epicor services are available externally as web services, Rest APIs, or .Net methods. As a result, they are very easy to use.

How do these technical capabilities translate into business solutions? One of the most common integrations is to implement communications with the organization’s banking system, which allows, for instance, exporting bank transfers from the system and then importing bank statements into the system.

Another popular integration, in particular recently, is the creation of connections with logistics operators. Thanks to this, without leaving the system, users can, for example, order the transport of goods specifying exactly both the time and the destination. This is how Mindbox integrated the Epicor system implemented at Technogaia with the Venipak logistics system. Such a solution, however, requires a bit of time and work, mainly because both companies need to make certain mutual arrangements.

Employees do not have to use an external system or download or print waybills when they order transportation. The implemented integration makes it possible to press a single button from within Kinetic ERP and, without switching to another screen, print the necessary documents on the printer. From the user’s perspective, this functionality looks just like part of Epicor.

Another example of Mindbox’s experience is the importing of currency exchange rates. An automated robot can download up-to-date exchange rate information in XML format every day, and it is then available to all the system users for their purposes. Due to the high interest in such a mechanism and its relative simplicity, we created an out-of-the-box solution that can be installed, configured, and up and running in a matter of hours. Another simple integration is the white list of VAT payers in Poland. This solution was prepared by Epicor itself.

Then, let’s take an example of automation in which the customer reports production data using an external system. However, this information is also needed in the Kinetic ERP. Therefore, a file is automatically generated that goes into the Epicor general ledger journal according to specific account assignments. Errors are taken care of along the way, and users are notified of everything that happens with emails.

Finally, one more example of an integration implemented at a Mindbox customer. The company makes heavy use of Wucato’s online store. When employees order goods on the website, the Wucato system sends a data file to be imported into Epicor so that, eventually, the purchase order appears in the system.

So, the possibilities are vast, virtually unlimited. If there is a system, it makes sense to integrate it with the Kinetic ERP, with a very high probability we can say that we can do it. If you have an idea for such integration, please do not hesitate to contact us.





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