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EPICOR Strengths: Kinetic ERP’s customization tools allow changes to the system to be made quickly and easily

Relevant customization is one of the prerequisites for an effective implementation of an ERP system. Epicor offers a set of advanced customization tools that allow quick and effective tailoring of the Kinetic ERP to the needs of any organization and every user.


EPICOR’s Kinetic ERP system provides extensive customization capabilities – from the database level to the business logic, from simply adding custom fields to using user ‘standby’ tables and building relationships between the built-in system tables that will automatically be supervised. This means, in other words, that the standard functionality of the Kinetic ERP can be significantly extended in a relatively simple way.


The easiest example of customization is modifying a web-based user interface by making changes to the screens that employees use daily. We can add any fields, controls, or forms. It is also possible to remove or hide pre-existing ones. Finally, any system method can be called from any screen.


On the other hand, a more advanced example would be using the previously mentioned standby tables. The possibilities are extensive because we have dozens of such tables to use. By the way, please note that this type of work should be assigned to experienced specialists because the consequences of mistakes can be severe. However, when such modifications are performed by experts, enormous possibilities open up for the organization.


At the same time, any integration can also be regarded as system customization. EPICOR Kinetic ERP offers a great deal in this area. The system is completely open and allows the creation of custom interfaces. For example, it is possible to create a dedicated tablet interface, which – from the user’s perspective – will appear to be an integral part of the system.


Importantly, the system has built-in tools with differing capabilities for creating various modifications. Some of these can be handled easily by regular users with little training. Tools designed for them allow new system components to be built from pre-defined ‘building blocks.’ Other tools are intended for software developers.


Definitely, it is up to the client to decide which tools to use and when. Some of the customization work can certainly be carried out by the employees themselves. This is made all the easier by the fact that, as part of the implementation, users are often trained in this matter as well. We do this, for example, when implementing the Kinetic ERP system for a client. However, delegating some tasks to specialists is advisable – either by hiring a database expert or contracting external experts.


In addition to the system tools available as part of the standard EPICOR Kinetic ERP user license, an independent SDK environment is also available, used by EPICOR itself to develop the system. This relatively expensive toolkit is only available to specialized EPICOR partners. Companies that have access to it have virtually no restrictions when it comes to modifying the system. Although this option is available, it is very rare for clients to purchase the SDK – due to the cost and the expertise required to operate it. Nonetheless, with the help of the SDK, entirely new additional functionalities can be developed, and business objects can be created, i.e., completely new dimensions of customization can be explored.





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