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Black box wizards of Platform Engineering

Platform Engineering may be compared to a black box, where the developer places the code, and it “does the rest.” Who knows the black box? The part of the development team should have the end-to-end skills  – besides the team dedicated to platform creation and maintenance.

The Platform Engineering approach empowers developers to focus on the code. The standardization, integration and transparency enable developers to focus on their core activities – and that is a key benefit from the well designed and deployed Platform Engineering.

They shouldn’t be aware of the process inside the black box – it just works. Between the code and functioning application, there should be a black box – or a fog – from the developers’ perspective. They should confine in that black box that it is a set of integrated and proven tools easily combined into a process.

However, some team members in the Platform Engineering approach should be better informed of its nature. Platform Engineering requires that part of the development team should have the end-to-end skills. Besides the team of platform developers dedicated to its creation and maintenance.

This role may be described as a platform architect, the one who knows what is inside the black box and how it is integrated. It’s important to remember that we will have to grow this competence in our organization once we decide to turn to platform engineering. This illustrates well how the dualism of DevOps turns 180º: from serving developers’ needs approach to an adjust-to-standard approach.



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