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Risks in DevOps-to-Platform Engineering transformation

Team member resistance, limited functionality, lack of involvement and understanding of new roles are key risk categories in Platform Engineering implementation projects.

The team members’ resistance to change the way they work should be considered as a natural phenomena. The intensity of this resistance however may vary depending on technical factors. One should always take into account that limited functionality of the early version of the platform is also both natural for the change project and an important issue.

It impacts the will of developers to be involved in creation of the platform. This problem should be addressed quickly because we risk the reluctance of the tool by the users.

Responsibility for the platform – must become the keystone of the Engineers mindset. We should be aware of it and establish this notion during the implementation phase and cultivate later.

It is worth stressing that Mindbox’s role in the implementation of platform engineering projects is to help choose and understand the scope of new roles. We help define the aims and range of skills, but also the limits and the responsibilities. We are also working hard with our partners on the pace of change. Although many of its elements need time to mature – all challenges should be addressed proactively. Otherwise, we risk that lagging in the change process will result with incremental delays in current tasks and projects.


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