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Mindbox Talent Network

The fact that everything depends on people has been known for a long time. Together with us, our clients are making rapid progress in business process robotization, building advanced IT solutions to manage organizations regardless of the scale and nature of their business, and creating advanced IT infrastructure. This would not have been possible without the knowledge, experience, ingenuity, and courage to implement innovative concepts of our employees. Mindbox’s successes are closely linked to its engineering talent.

„MINDBOX is made up of people of many talents focused on using the latest IT technologies for creating a new business reality”

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Mindbox Talent Ecosystem

The knowledge and expertise accumulated in Mindbox’s network of talented consultants provide our clients with an opportunity to benefit from the enormous intellectual potential of the best of the best. In each cooperation model, Mindbox maximizes its involvement in clients’ projects to achieve the set business results.

Looking for outstanding leaders

Are you looking for outstanding leaders or specialists in your area of expertise? You can employ or hire them - each of them will provide top-level support. We will make sure that you are satisfied.

Building teams based on
knowledge and competence

We will ensure the development of your IT functional teams through training, coaching, and developing a community around IT technologies. We share our experience and knowledge.

Full cooperation

We can seamlessly strengthen IT teams according to your company's current needs. We will provide competent employees and leaders. Their knowledge will become the strength of your IT.

Robots at the forefront

Wherever there are tedious and repetitive tasks to perform that take up valuable time, we can send our intelligent robots to unleash the creative potential of your employees.

Our competencies

We have perfectly mastered IT tools and technologies from more than 100 vendors from all over the world. We can use virtually the entire portfolio of the most advanced IT solutions to work for our clients, together with them performing the digital transformation of their businesses.


Java, JavaScript, Python, C#, C++, Scala, PHP, SQL, HTML/CSS, Ruby, TypeScript, Bash + Front End Technologies (React, Angular, Vue.JS, Redux)

Dev Ops

AWS, GCP, Azure, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Jenkins, CircleCI, Argo, Docker, Terraform, Istio, Helm, Ansible, GitLab, GitHub


Android, iOS, Swift, Kotlin, Java, Dart, Objective C


Java, Python, SQL, JavaScript, .Net, Shell, Groovy +
Frameworki: Cypress, Robot Framework, Selenium, Appium, Soap UI


Oracle, SAP (R/3, SD, Hana, Fi/ CO, MM, PP, HCM), Websphere, Websphere MQ, Peoplesoft, Siebel, Maximo, Cognos, Tivoli, SalesForce, ServiceNow

Mindbox's creative potential

We attract and select the best. We know what competencies and how extensive knowledge they need to have. Our clients feel comfortable with us and always appreciate our consultants.

We have thoroughly documented and review
the professional competencies of the persons
we recommend to our clients.


To date, we have completed many projects
in the Time & Material (T&M) model, that
involved our consultants

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We continuously provide a steady stream
of new employees and IT consultants
to our clients

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new employees per month

Their competencies support the technological and operational changes in our clients’ businesses. They are qualified to fulfill diverse tasks, act as team leaders, and manage the entire technology stack and IT infrastructure. At Mindbox fully controls and guarantees the required skills of our consultants.


Digital Project Manager Project Specialist Transformation Lead PMO Lead PMO Practitioner Product Owner Scrum Master Agile Coach

Robotization and
Technology Integration

Business Analyst Business Process Architect/Designer Business Architect Technology Delivery Lead Deployment Lead Deployment Specialist


Applicatgion Architect Full-Stack Developer Front-End/Back-End Developer Mobile&Device Developer DevOps Engineer Test Lead Test Automation Engineer


Technical Architect Application Architect Dev & Ops Architect Cloud Platform Architect Application Integration Architect

BigData analytics
and ML

Data Analyst Data Architect Data Scientist Data Engineer ML Engineer Analytics and Modeling Lead

Mindbox collaboration models

In our collaboration with clients, flexibility is the key. In any form and on a varied basis, we are ready to share our talented employees and consultants. Practice shows that any contract is a version of one of the earlier work models.


Consultants are seconded to projects executed under the supervision of the client.

Mindbox provides qualified and competent human resources for short- and long-term projects with a variable scale of consultant involvement. We evaluate the results of the work of employed specialists.

Education and development

The most experienced consultants are selected, and they are tasked with coaching and directing the work of their subordinate teams. They also provide support in the team members’ recruitment processes.

Mindbox supports the client’s competence growth through the transfer of knowledge and experience of its consultants. Their primary task is to work with the client’s team on an ongoing basis and prepare them for working independently.


Inspiration and management

Inspiration and support to teams in selected areas of competencies and technologies. Supervision of talent recruitment together with the client’s HR department.

Mindbox designates leaders capable of inspiring and managing teams. They are capable of building selected competencies in the team and creating the best management practices. They can seek talented young people to work in a client’s team. They collaborate with the company’s management.

Team building, operating and handover

Client’s IT infrastructure and business systems management services in an outsourcing model. After the development of best practices and knowledge transfer, usually after 3-5 years, the complete package is transferred into the hands of the client.

Mindbox can build from scratch or take over a team to operate and optimize business processes. Our consultants can also be a reinforcement of the client’s teams until they become operationally self-reliant.


Our competencies

We have perfectly mastered the IT tools and technologies from more than 100 vendors from all over the world. We can use virtually the entire portfolio of the most advanced IT solutions to work for our clients, together with them performing the digital transformation of their businesses


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Talent Network Leaders

Joanna Dymkowska
Business Development Manager

She has been associated with outsourcing for over nine years. At Mindbox, she takes care of business development by providing clients with Team Leasing services. As a psychologist, she focuses primarily on building positive, long-term relationships in which there is room for listening to each other’s needs. Thanks to this, she can provide consulting services to our clients and help them achieve their business goals. Passionate about all kinds of literature, a lover of horse riding. She is constantly looking for new opportunities to develop and learn in her private life.


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