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Take a chance on cloud costs: low-hanging fruits

Some of the technical and architectural improvements to your company cloud optimization are easy to achieve.

Firstly, it would be useful to embrace a quite well-known approach and struggle, to automate deployment as far as possible. Using standards and straightening the paths eliminate quirks, accidents, and not verified attempts that teams may try to apply for any reason during the manual procedure. Automate deployment is a prerequisite for an easy configuration tuning of various instance types and service options. Harvesting low-hanging fruits is a good start for further optimization.

Secondly, the architectural perspective imposes effective resource management. This means the ability to dynamic assessment and serve actual needs. Skills in that area enable companies to cross-check the requests and monitor the environment for surplus instances and overscaled orders. Proper cloud resource management avoids unused and “zombies” services – and costs. We estimate that these fundamental practices may bring from 5 to 10% savings on the original cost.   

Thirdly, those two activities help to establish and later – constantly refine – the practice of rightsizing. Of course, clouds have no limits on capacity and volume but  companies usually order far too much capacity and services. The true reason is not to assure real needs or mitigate well-defined risks for certain critical operations but to lack of control. They are unable to estimate how much computing power or services they need nor are they able to count how much they used. Matching capacity with demand, and scaling dynamically according to different types of workloads may bring from 5 up to 50% in savings.   

Mindbox, as a neutral and agnostic player on the cloud market landscape, helps companies  to benefit from #cloud_optimization via proper rightsizing, resource management and deployment automation.



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