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Rebranding: Mindbox and Mindworkers – two sister brands

Mindbox, after being on the market for over a dozen years, is undergoing a real metamorphosis. We are logically dividing the company into two brands: Mindbox and Mindworkers. Why? Because of the dynamic growth and expanding our offering with new products and services. Everything we have been doing is with our customers in mind. But let’s start at the beginning …

The birth of the company

It all began over a dozen years ago. The Mindbox brand was born with a mission to respond to a challenging market need – solving business problems of organizations with the use of technologies that were becoming increasingly available at the outset of the digital revolution. The end of the first decade of the 21st century marked a moment of dynamic changes in where business and new technologies meet. It was then that solutions such as Cloud or Big Data stopped being just flashy ideas and became a meaningful source of changes and competitive advantage for businesses. Those who overlooked digitalization, lagged behind.

Getting through the digital turnaround became a vital challenge for companies – whatever their size, roots or the market sector they were in. And we – by providing specific, generic or tailor-made solutions and technologies – are responding to these vital needs of any business. By delivering out-0f-the-box IT solutions that we customize and implement, we boost the business process effectiveness for our clients.


Since over a decade, our flagship offering has been and will continue to be ERP systems. We are the biggest EMEA region company that implements the solutions by Epicor Software from the USA. During this time, we have implemented hundreds of projects in Poland and worldwide. Many of these involved comprehensive services – commencing with the analysis, through developing the solution architecture up to the implementation and maintenance. Our clients include both Polish companies and global international corporations. So far we have delivered projects to enterprises in over fifty countries.

But that’s not all. From our very beginning we were not just looking for the available market niches but also were responding to the actual needs of our clients that have been emerging all the time as new challenges. The development of technologies that Mindbox is implementing allows the clients to go a step further – eliminate the sources of losses that seemed just to be there or cut the costs that earlier on seemed unavoidable. Any process – as long as the IT tools and solutions allow – can be improved, made more efficient and modernized, to gain a boost of the entire business in the end. This has been what makes us tick – from the very beginning.

Technology is purely instrumental to us. It must only support achieving the goals of our clients, not our ambitions. Reliability and honesty are the values we have been following since our establishment in 2007. This approach allows us to grow dynamically based on long-term partnerships with our clients as well as employees and suppliers – stressed Piotr Żeromski, CEO, Mindbox

This explains why for quite a long time we were able to grow organically, nearly exclusively thanks to the excellent reviews and recommendations by the existing clients. But it is not just about implementing ERP systems. We are supporting the digital transformation of companies, thus helping to make organizations become truly innovative. In addition, we are performing business process reviews and analyses that lead to their improvement and automation – in nearly all manufacturing and services sectors.

…and development into completely new domains

Technologies are an excellent source for inspirations, growth and new needs. But every business is primarily its people. We are no different. Our organization is made up of already two hundred experts – practitioners specializing in diverse aspects of broadly understood IT. Quite a growth over these years, wouldn’t you agree? And not to forget, that this quantitative growth is inseparably accompanied by qualitative improvement.

So it’s not a big guess that also our clients see the competencies of our employees. After all, it is people who do good analyses, tailor specific solutions and then implement and maintain them. So it is no wonder that with time customers started to ask us to help them with acquiring good IT specialists who, after we did the implementation, would meet the organizations’ internal needs for digitalization and good maintenance of its business processes.

These needs led to a birth of a new unit. A new department and new chapter in our company history – we took to professional consultancy and recruitment of IT experts, recommending selected people to specific companies. Finding and employing the right person for new technologies, specialized software or ICT tools can be a huge challenge – one that …. only we can meet. Really.

Solving the problems with finding prospect employees, convincing them to accept the new offer but also verifying their experience and skills is a job for professionals – just like us. This is how the Mindworkers division was born, responding to the specialized industry specific HR requirements.

Our offering in this area is as broad or as tailor-made as in the case of our IT solutions for boosting the business processes. We can just help in selecting the right person for the job. We can also employ such persons ourselves and outsource them to specific customers or just for a project or a solution. We offer Sourcing as a Service, where we take care of the entire recruitment process of relevant candidates. Finally, we offer our clients complete teams consisting of specialists working together under the watchful eye of a project manager. And even more – as we all perfectly know, there is an employee’s market and an employer’s market. Therefore, prospective candidates looking for new challenges that call on us, probably turn to the best possible address.\

A problem and a challenge

Right, but how do we explain this to our new or returning clients? We are a company that has IT experts, the best practitioners in its ranks and implements digital solutions? Or, we are recruiting such specialists? So, some could say we are into headhunting. Well, IT experts will recognize an IT expert when they meet one, so why not?

These are not just theoretical thoughts about a strategic matter, but a real problem, a challenge. Clients actually had doubts and did ask about them. So we have set ourselves a concrete goal. There is a problem, a challenge, so there must be a solution. We need to clearly communicate to the market environment, our existing and future clients, who we are and what we do. Where are we going and why?

So how do we get away from this communication chaos and provide the outside world with a clear message and the real picture of our organization?

The idea of parallel lives

The goal was clear. The idea was also getting clearer. We have two main lines of business aimed at meeting our clients’ needs. The first is IT solutions; the second is sourcing the industry experts on the market.
In summary: we were to continue specializing in developing and implementing various digital solutions that improve our clients’ processes. And in addition, in parallel, to look for and recruit for the needs of these clients the experts from various areas of IT, who meet their needs.

Though these domains seem to be worlds apart, in fact are very close to each other. They are consistent and complementary. Like sisters.

So we have two sister domains. Parallel lives. IT solutions that led to the emergence and growth of our company – Mindbox, and specialized HR – the Mindworkers.

The solution

So we made our mind. Two independent parallel entities: Mindbox and Mindworkers. To make things clear to every market participant. And this is how an idea was turned into a practical solution: we have established two separate brands, giving each one its independent life.

We have decided to make these two areas autonomous by formally running them under different brands.
So here we are – the two sisters – Mindbox and Mindworkers. Good morning, nice to meet you. Don’t worry, definitely one of us will respond to your challenge and solve your problem. You were listening to us long enough – now we are all ears.



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