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Platform Engineering success factors and “to do’s”

A short list of recommendations & success factors that forms the winning transformation to Platform Engineering approach.

First recommendation? Decide on implementation. The bigger your organization, the more significant development units and software development process issues are – it means “the sooner, the better.”

Measure and monitor the process from the beginning – your organization will determine and quantify benefits sooner.

The implementation should be a step-by-step process of platform adoption by consecutive teams. The big-bang approach is not the right way in that case. Consequent and planned roll-out is necessary.

The aims, benefits, and time to achieve them should be strictly determined. And all project stakeholders should be systematically informed of its progress.

Platform Engineering is more about technology than DevOps. Thus, the evolution of a newly established platform may be quite dynamic. There are plenty of new tools, standards, patterns, and practices to learn and many more to come to the market. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor and adopt the best of them continuously.

Every platform uniquely represents a business’s needs and requirements the software process must address. Together with our clients, we build a unique method of creating their platforms using the elements and licenses already available in the company’s assets.

On top of that, documentation is king – again. Detailed and up-to-date documentation is a foundation for an effective onboarding process, which should be started in the same breath as implementation. It works, helps, and simply levels up the overall probability of the final success of platform engineering introduction and operational work.

We also strongly recommend building your team – to avoid a situation when your partner becomes responsible for the evolution of your unique platform, with the same team which serves similar maintenance and development for other clients. Your unique platform will become increasingly similar to other platforms your partner’s team handles. Knowledge transfer will avoid vendor lock-in of the PE.


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