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iOS Engineer Tech Festival

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B2B, UoP
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We are a company with many years of experience in the IT industry specializing in ... ptui! It’s simple. We are 16 years old! 

We develop our four business lines together, with fantastic people, passionate about the technology industry. You are not afraid of demanding IT projects on a global level? Are you looking for new opportunities and thinking outside of the box is not a problem to you?

Do you want to develop your interest and improve your skills?

At Mindworkers, we provide IT professionals and project teams with the most interesting professional challenges.

Sounds good? Meet the Mindworkers Team!


  • We are open to the employment form according to your preferences
  • Work with experienced and engaged team, willing to learn, share knowledge and open for growth and new ideas
  • Hybrid or remote working system
  • Mindbox is a dynamically growing IT company, but still not a large one – everybody can have a real impact on where we are going next
  • We invest in developing skills and abilities of our employees
  • We have attractive benefits and provide all the tools required for work
  • Interpolska, Multisport, Warta Insurance 
  • Proactive collaboration in the project team to help develop the product using your experience to contribute through the whole development lifecycle
  • Hands-on with planning and estimating, contributing to the architecture, coding and development
  • Refactoring, minimising technical debt and continuous improvement of the code bases is key
  • Focus on SW quality and delivering quality throughout the whole process
  • Ensuring that technical decisions and information is communicated across the global team
  • Taking responsibility for releases and contributing to the ongoing support of the live apps.
  • Keen to collaborate with others, you’ll give thought about how software fits into the bigger picture
  • Experienced in Continuous Delivery practices and how they affect product quality and delivery
  • Solid experience in Mobile Engineering
  • Hands-on experience of using Swift 2+ to develop a portfolio of iOS Apps
  • Strong experience with Xcode7, IB and Auto Layout to create effective UIs
  • Deep knowledge of Apple’s HIG, design best practices, coding and naming guidelines
  • Good knowledge of software design patterns and software architecture principles
  • Experience in building Universal Apps that support different layouts for iPhone and iPad
  • Consistently write effective unit tests
  • Experience with UI automation and working closely with testers
  • Experience with OS X shell scripting and Xcode's / Fastlane’s command-line tools
  • Some experience with server-side technologies (e.g. ASP.NET, PHP, RoR, Python/Django) and REST API development