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Cloud optimization: know your rights, grab the opportunities

Mindbox defines three dimensions that help design and control cloud optimization road to maturity: commercial, architectural, technological, and operational.


We establish a common front to implement the cloud optimization process with our clients. Our team represents a neutral and agnostic role in the cloud market landscape. We know how to challenge – in a positive sense – clients, organizations, and vendors to help provide an optimized cloud environment regarding cost, effectiveness, strategic flexibility, and security.


The commercial dimension of cloud usage optimization is the most evident. There are multiple purchase model options depending on usage profile and growth plans. They should be updated regularly regarding changes in business context and conditions.


In the first step, we help organizations to learn how to use effectively:

  • ordered services,
  • reserved instances, and
  • savings plans.

Committed usage and volume discounts should be monitored.


A significant potential of savings represents the active attitude toward spot instances. You may choose the time span for processing batch-type data. Providers offer significant discounts reaching up to 90% of the introductory price. It should be a primary option for all “batch type” processing. However, in many cases, companies adopt spot instances-based architecture, enabling them to serve even mission-critical operations with high-profile requirements.


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