10 May 2018
Mindbox presentation in San Francisco

At the beginning of May we visited the Silicon Valley to join this year’s edition of the Red Hat Summit 2018 conference. We arrived in the beautiful city of San Francisco – in the very center of the Silicon Valley. We went there to talk about the project that we implemented for our client from the banking sector – BZ WBK.

The presentation was run by two experts – Tomasz Cholewa (Cloud Architect in Mindbox) and Jarosław Stakun (Red Hat). Dawid Szymański (Santander Bank / BZ WBK) was also supposed to be the third speaker, but in the end there was a two speakers.  About one hundred people listened to the lecture. We got a lot of positive feedback and good grades in the survey. Sharing our insights from the implementation of OpenShift in such a demanding environment as the banking environment was a very valuable experience.

Below you can see how our presentation and our speaker – Tomasz Cholewa.

The conference focused on the entire Red Hat portfolio, although there was a focus around the containers and an outline of the giant’s new strategy on the free software market. After all, Red Hat was the cradle of Linux, and containers are nothing more than the efficient use of this fantastic system to accelerate innovation. We also appreciate the current activities and, above all, the dynamic development of the OpenShift platform. Partners’ stands, the number of lectures and conversations with people confirm our assumptions – modern IT world will be able to stand on cloud and container based environments.

Mindbox presentation in San Francisco
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