18 April 2018
OpenShift in production, automatic validation of application template

OpenShift in production, automatic validation of application template

During work with our clients on CI/CD pipelines and production OpenShift environments. We’ve noticed that they are facing common challenge when working with internal and external development teams. It is not trivial task to prepare good quality OpenShift template for application planned for deployment. It is very easy to make some mistake preparing the OpenShift template for an application in addition checking template manually takes a lot of time.

We love automation, so we’ve thought why not tests templates automatically. So here you are.

We’re happy to share our experiences then we made our idea public. As our customers ask their application vendors and internal teams to validate OpenShift template using this tool, you might expect some new test cases added to this project.

Os-template-check project use well-known tool InSpect to run tests which checks if our template has everything that we want to.

Take a look and feel free to contribute if you see something from you.

Written by Tomasz Czekajło, Cloud Engineer






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