Modern Architecture

Cloud Native DevOps
is a novel approach
to software development

The foundations of our client’s business successes:

  • A well-designed and modern IT systems architecture is a prerequisite to optimally creating and delivering services and flexible applications that are decisive for the market success of an organization.
  • Mindbox, as a reliable technology partner, supports companies at every stage of their digital transformation. Our consultants can design and launch IT solutions in line with clients’ needs to combine all the advantages of the modern architecture and the available cloud environments.
  • We offer Cloud Native solutions using powerful and effective Dev/Ops, Agile, and Lean methodologies, plus systems-oriented thinking forming the core of the SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) approach.
  • We build our client partnerships on the best practices of continuous integration and CI/CD development. This enables us to effectively automate the development, testing, and deployment of business applications.
  • Dev/Ops deployments combined with CI/CD provide best practices in governance, a resilient and self-healing platform based on microservices, flexibility and high computing power in the cloud, and tools for orchestration and automated and detailed code analysis.

Cloud Native DevOps

Cloud Native DevOps is a modern holistic way of developing and deploying software using IT resources in any cloud environment; public, private or hybrid, based on containers and microservices, where everything is declared in code.

DevOps is a methodology, and Cloud Native is a recipe for creating proven dynamic code in extremely scalable and reliable infrastructure, implementing DevOps tasks and rules.


Continuous Integration

Our team of experts has a wide range of skills concerning Cloud Native technologies. We focus on programmable infrastructure.

Modern architecture at its best

We can provide continuous support for the technologies we implement. We will take care of the maintenance, upkeep, and supervision of your company’s Intelligent Process Automation, while you can focus on your business.

Cloud Native – DevOps

Advanced code
development methodologies

scalability and security

code testing

Rapid evaluation and
development of applications

Flexibility in
systems integration

Productivity of projects
and applications

Full maintenance
and support

Cloud Native

A blend of technology and experience

engineers and consultants
0 *
0 +
platforms, applications and tools

Some of our technologies



CI/CD& Support

Containerization Platform

Visualization/computing cloud

Our business with clients

We provide our clients with detailed business analyses and IT solution designs. We carry out implementations using our Mindbox MARK containerization reference platform architecture based on Kubernetes. To create the necessary tools, we always pick the highest quality components that guarantee meeting even the most demanding business requirements.  Most often, we use projects supported by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which guarantees stability, rapid development, and full support of the open-source community.

IT Infrastructure

Mindbox provides comprehensive services involving the design, installation, and maintenance of the entire scalable IT infrastructure. We use both the available internal resources and public clouds. We also set up systems for recording events and monitoring the operation of all the company’s IT resources.



We develop and make available business applications as a service (SaaS) using the advantages of CI/CD approach. We consider infrastructure as code, resulting in dynamic, highly flexible services that execute selected business processes. We automate application development, testing, and deployment.


We help to reorganize applications efficiently and the way code is developed to move from monolithic solutions to microservices and container-based Cloud Native architecture. We offer static and dynamic code analysis, preparation of design templates using the Twelve-Factor methodology.


We implement our projects with a single consistent codebase, using a fixed set of tools with templates. This allows new features and applications to be created quickly and efficiently without the need to engage in versioning and code management. The processes of code and application performance auditing are also simplified.


Our solutions are integrated with single sign-on systems; we provide solutions that can detect security vulnerabilities and prepare data for audits. We use full SSL encryption in communications and scan infrastructure for signs of cyber threats.


The infrastructure monitoring solutions produced by Mindbox allow efficient creation of alerts and alarming when threats are detected. The built-in automation responds rapidly, according to the predefined self-healing rules.

Continuous Deployment

Cloud Native & DevOps
– KPIs and benefits

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faster fulfillment of business
needs, from repository
to useful applications
0 %
faster replication of,
environments increased productivity,
of teams, ability ,
to focus on innovation
0 %
acceleration of automation, ,
standardization and ,
template creation
0 %
improved effectiveness,
of monitoring, alerting,,
and Disaster Recovery procedures

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Modern Architecture Contact

Tomasz Rozkiewicz
Buiness Development Manager

Tomasz has been involved in the sale of IT solutions for over 4 years. Before joining Mindbox, he focused mainly on supporting financial institutions in providing the best mobile solutions on the market. His main responsibility at Mindbox is to develop the Modern Architecture business line. A strong advocate of cloud solutions, he believes that they are the future of the IT industry and help enterprises achieve their full potential.

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