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Mindbox approach to cloud optimization: a self funding model

Mindbox aims to establish a self-funding process of cloud optimization in partners’ organizations.  

Cloud optimization is a necessary option for all organizations intensively using the cloud, especially those using a multi-cloud approach or planning to do so. Starting with low-hanging fruits – automating deployment, proper resource management, using spot instances, offering up to 90% discounts for batch data processing, and rightsizing – we search and correct mistakes and embrace opportunities.

Savings and profits gained on the initial steps of cloud optimization enable companies to dive deeper into operations and architecture. We create mechanisms providing funds for more profound changes focused on re-architecture. From the foggy bay, we will reach the open sea with complete visibility, relevant instruments, and, fortunately, a competent crew on board to navigate.

Mindbox’s expertise in #cloud_optimization is based on the insider experience of our consultants, who used to work for top hyperscalers.



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