Robotic Process Automation

Process automation in today’s world is essential and can decide about “to be or not to be” of the company. As a proven partner we conduct our customers through the implementation of cutting-edge tools class RPA. Their implementation bring immediately benefits associated with cost reduction and accelerated of the works.

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Briefly about RPA
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a relatively young, but very dynamically developing area IT focused on process automation. RPA programs operate in the user interface layer and replace the human operator in activities involving reading, entering and processing data. Robot (program) works autonomously on the basis of the prepared rules of the process. In exceptional cases, the robot directs the process to a human. Automation benefits consisting of a significant reduction in costs and accelerate the implementation of the tasks.
Proven tools

The UiPath tools for business process automation are proven
solutions that have been developed since 2013 and are currently
used in many organizations around the world, including:
PWC, Deloitte, EY, Accenture or IBM.
According to the 2017 Forrester report, UiPath is one of the three
leaders in the robotic automation market. In recent years,
the company has seen a gigantic growth of up to 1000% annually,
showing both the dynamics of the market and the perfect
development strategy of the company itself.
Making a decision to enter into a partnership with UiPath, we did
not consider only its strong market position as a top RPA company,
but above all the functionalities it provides that will help us deliver
the best results for our clients!

What is RPA?
Modern-day enterprises use many different IT systems and tools. Providers of such systems offer new functionalities that reduce human input to processes they execute. In spite of that, many operations, such as migrating from one system to another, supervision, control, messaging, etc. This is where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) comes in handy. The RPA robot is a software that can automatically execute certain pre-programmed, repetitive operations in other programs and systems. When using the RPA, you do not need to agree on how to ensure the exchange of communication between systems or engage developers from the various parties. All you need is to emulate manual operations of the user who, for example, logs in to a mainframe system from
the 1980s, reads data from there, enters it into the company’s new HR system, then creates an Excel summary and finally sends e-mails to employees who have been extracted from the database.
An example of the RPA process
Possible RPA applications
The number of RPA applications is virtually limitless. It is enough to indicate a process that is repeatable, involves a large volume of data, consists in manual entering/rewriting of data from one source (e.g. scans, PDFs, Word and Excel documents) to another target system (e.g. Banking platform, ERP, HR, CRM, etc.). When using RPA, companies often begin from selecting several processes to end up with several hundred automated processes within one organization.
The month-end closing process in an accounting department.
Data read from many sources, such as Excel tables, e-mails, web portal, ERP, and then processed in various bookkeeping formats to create several dozens of reports that are sent to the company’s managers and directors
The process of finding potential employees via social media such as LinkedIn in a recruitment agency.
The need to review thousands of profiles as well as to determine and compare skills.
A process of requisition handling
Approval and adding to a central order from various company divisions with entering the approved requisitions into the ERP system.
Benefits provided by RPA
The RPA software robot can do exactly the same things faster and without mistakes or lunch breaks!
Runs 24/7 without or with minimal human supervision
Quicker process execution
Fewer mistakes in the classic process of “rewriting” data
Quality assurance via process standardization
Ability to assign employees to more creative and effective tasks
Employees freed from stressful and boring activities

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