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Mindbox provides human resources consisting of ERP systems experts, trained telecommunication workers and many other IT specialists.

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Projects are dynamic: they are always changing. No matter what challenges you’re facing right now, we will provide you with the specialists you need. We are confident that you will find something perfect for you in our wide range of technologies. Just pick the area you’re interested in. Leave the rest to us.

Finance and Banking

Selected completed recruitments:
Business controller / Finance analyst in a corporate sector
Business controller / Finance analyst in a corporate sector
Market risk expert
Business controller / Finance analyst in a corporate sector
Business controller / Finance analyst in a corporate sector
Market risk expert
Business controller / Finance analyst in a corporate sector
Business controller / Finance analyst in a corporate sector
Market risk expert

What makes us different

We want to get to know you and the ins and outs of your project from the very beginning of our relationship. Do you want to do this project with us? We always look for the optimum solutions and techniques. We work together on an action plan. You can be sure of our maximum commitment to implementing it. Your goal is our priority.

Hundreds of projects completed on 5 continents
50% of revenue generated by international projects
About 200 specialists
Over 60 clients - global organizations
Contract models

You need the services of a contracted team or just one specialist? You can engage them under several different arrangements, depending on the requirements and nature of your project.

Time & Material (outsourcing)
We provide specialists with the competency profiles you need. You pay for the time the specialists spend working on the project, based on monthly reports.
Try & Hire
You’re looking for someone to fill a vacant position but aren’t sure if they’re going to be right for it? Under the T&H model, you have the opportunity to test the selected candidates’ competencies in practice, at your office, before you hire them!
We have experience in sourcing the most valuable human resources. We will find adequate candidates and conduct the recruitment process for your company.
Fixed price
We determine the scope of the project in advance, along with the time schedule and price for its completion. We provide the specialists and oversee their work – you pay for a job well done.
The candidate procedure
Client’s request
Tell us about your project and related business objectives. We will work together on defining the required size and competencies of the project team and determine what people you’re going to need.
Presentation of candidates
We go to the market to select specialists meeting your requirements and submit their CVs/resumes to you along with their confirmed availability during the anticipated period of time and their financial expectations.
Client’s review of candidates
You conduct your own review of the candidates based on the complete set of documents received from us. The selection criteria are entirely up to you.
Interviews with preselected candidates
Nothing will replace a face to face meeting. You get to meet the preselected candidates to make the final selection.
Provision of services
Once the candidates have been selected, we confirm the terms of our contract, and sign specific agreements. Your new specialists will report for work at the agreed date.


Find out about the benefits involved in hiring contract specialists.

Unique competencies
Direct access to expertise: We offer the best ERP, telecom and IT specialists.
Candidates within 48 hours
We respond instantly to our clients’ needs: You will receive candidate profiles within two days.
Your strengths
Focus on what you do best. Leave staffing and recruitment to us.
Cost optimization
You hire contract consultants for the duration of your project only.
Global support
A consultant from Latvia on a project in Mexico? We will handle all the formalities.
Individual advisor
Direct contact with your assigned individual advisor who knows you and your needs.
A range of technologies
Each project requires a different selection of technologies and tools: You’re not going to feel any limitations with Mindbox.
Diversified contract models
Use the human resources in the way that suits you best. We’re flexible.