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­Mindbox has been working with various ERP systems since 2010. We have completed several hundred a implementation and development projects, including dozens of comprehensive implementations, delivering turnkey solutions. In addition to small and medium companies, our clients include multinational corporations operating all around the world.
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We offer the competencies of experienced engineers, architects, specialists and project managers in the telecom industry, for planning, network development and implementation, as well as launching new tools and services.
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We work with customers on Digital Transformation enabling innovation at speed, increasing security and optimize costs.
Mindbox Cloud & DevOps practice specializes in Kubernetes, Containers, & Programmable Infrastructure.
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Mindbox provides human resources consisting of ERP systems experts, trained telecommunication workers and many other IT specialists.
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What’s in the box?

We are staffed by top-notch, experienced specialists who have been working on new technology projects since 2007. This is an industry that is constantly growing, and we grow with it. Every activity is a new challenge and a new adventure. We are keen to share our experience and knowledge with our clients, partners and employees.

We understand perfectly the specific business characteristics and requirements of different projects. We understand the importance of a flexible approach and rapid responses.

Without a doubt, the future of a company is built on long-term cooperative relationships. Mutual trust and respect are key factors. This is how we approach our assignments.

New technologies are a never-ending journey. Let us be your travelling companions.

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We transfer competencies to all over the world
Anthony Peckham
ERP Program Manager, Merck
"The project was completed achieving all of its objectives without any unforeseen downtime in business operations. This is the outcome of excellent cooperation between our team and Mindbox, who have shown great professionalism in the face of complicated technological challenges. "
Robert Kałuża
Vice Prezydent, Billon
"Mindbox is one of the best company that has been delivering IT specialists to Billon’s projects.  Mindbox Team is great in IT areas. Our communication is always clear and effective. We are happy with the highest recruitment standards that Mindbox provides. We are very satisfied with the quality of the service. Without hesitation I would like to recommend Mindbox as a reliable business partner. "
Adam Dancewicz
Chairman of the Board, Applica
"Since late 2015, Mindbox has been responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the CI/CD environment in our company. Responsibilities: Defining the strategy for migration to hybrid bare metal and cloud environments;  implementing a DevOps process Carrying out cloud migration and supplying the process, know-how and technology necessary to accelerate it Implementing an integrated and fully automated process, and integrating CI/CD infrastructure and tools (AWS, bare metal,  GitLab-CI, Terraform, CloudForms, OpenShift, Kubernetes and Nexus) as well as applications using frameworks and tools such as Cassandra, Hadoop, Storm, Kafka, Elasticsearch, and Spark Streaming Maintaining, developing and updating CI/CD environment applications Ensuring that the architecture of our websites guarantees uninterrupted continuity of service. "
Outside the box
Mindbox after hours
Marta Jaki
During work time, I’m busy picking out pearls and looking fo...
A word from employees
14 months, 1500 consulting days, 20 countries, Mindbox team of 10 consultants from 5 countries. The biggest and most geographically spread project I managed. Mindbox gave me fantastic opportunity to grow my skills and...
Lucia Morandini
Project Manager
Let's start!
Hi! It’s done. Our blog is starting finally! But how to ...
Mindbox after hours
Robert Janiak
Monday through Friday, during office hours: an efficient and...
A word from employees
Flexibility, remote work, great customers and the team to learn from. Mindbox is cool company to work for. ...
Mikhail Bykov
Senior Application Consultant
Mindbox after hours
Bożena Dąbrowska
At work: always alert and ready to act, with a pro...
A word from employees
Mindbox is a truly professional partner. Although our collaboration is 100% remote, all the formalities are always in place efficiently and on time. I can honestly recommend working with Mindbox. ...
Jarek Czapliński
Senior .Net Developer