Comprehensive Implementations of
ERP Systems

Mindbox has been working with various ERP systems since 2010. We have completed several hundred a implementation and development projects, including dozens of comprehensive implementations, delivering turnkey solutions. In addition to small and medium companies, our clients include multinational corporations operating all around the world.
We are ready to support your implementation project!

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Implementation and Consulting

In addition to technological support, we provide comprehensive consulting services involved in the implementation of ERP systems in organizations

Business Process Modelling
Our consultants will identify the business processes in place within your organization and develop technological solutions tailored to your company and your industry.
Project Management
We manage ERP implementation projects using our dedicated Signature methodology.
System Integrations
We will prepare specifications of the systems and applications currently running within your organization and develop a strategy to integrate them with your new ERP system.
Guided Selection of Infrastructure
ERP solutions can be demanding. We will provide advice helpful in deciding whether your existing infrastructure is sufficient or requires involving external resources.
Business Process Streamlining
Integrated ERP software often facilitates simplifying existing processes. Mindbox consultants will help remodel them.
ERP Systems Audits
We conduct audits of implementations performed by third parties. Upon completion, you will receive a report including, among other items, recommended changes and system development solutions.

What makes us diffrent

We want to get to know you and the ins and outs of your project from the very beginning of our relationship. Do you want to do this project with us? We always look for the optimum solutions and techniques. We work together on an action plan. You can be sure of our maximum commitment to implementing it. Your goal is our priority.

Hundreds of projects completed on 5 continents
50% of revenue generated by international projects
About 200 specialists
Over 60 clients - global organizations

Mindbox Custom Solutions

Every business organization has its unique characteristics and needs. To make sure that the solutions that we implement fully meet our clients’ expectations, we have created Mindbox Custom Solutions, a service arrangement where we develop dedicated system extensions and integrations.

Continued System Development
ERP System in order to maximize the support it provides for your business, it may require further development to include more functionalities and tools. As part of Mindbox Custom Solutions, we offer comprehensive analytical and programming services to ensure the continued development of your system.
Project Management
We manage projects using agile Scrum methodologies. The whole software development process and subsequent support & maintenance are supported by the Jira system.
We use all available tools: VB, VBA, C#, SDK, BPMs, BI (Dashboards, BAQ, Crystal), Progress 4GL, and Service Connect.
Warranty and Maintenance
All the products are covered by a warranty. When it expires, continued user support & maintenance can be purchased.

Mindbox Managed Services

Focus on developing your business, and leave the maintenance of your IT system to us! Your IT system is not the core or essence of your business, although it is an important tool that facilitates running it. Leave maintenance, user support and software development to professionals while you concentrate on WHAT YOUR CUSTOMERS EXPECT.

Environment migration to a cloud
Forget about maintaining the physical infrastructure and let us run the process of migrating your system to a cloud. Hardware limitations and resource scaling will cease to be a problem.
System and database management
We will provide the overall administration of your solution: from database backup through ongoing log analysis and efficiency optimization, to error support.
Application management
We will ensure safe implementation of software updates and ongoing system stability control – in ways that will prevent it from affecting the users’ work.
End user support
We will provide all-around support for the users of your system. Our helpdesk will answer their questions and help solve end-user problems.


The need to change or replace an IT system is a problem that every business organization will face sooner or later. The replacement or upgrade of a system is not only an opportunity to gain new functionalities but also a necessity dictated by the changing functional and technological circumstances or security requirements.

Efficient migration, ensuring the retention of modifications and integrations
  • Structured work methodology
  • Ongoing support from business consultants
  • Efficient project management
  • Vast experience in ERP
  • Technology expertise
"We treat technology in an instrumental sort of way. It’s solely supposed to help achieve our clients’ goals, rather than satisfying our ambitions. Reliability and integrity are the values we have been guided by ever since the company was formed back in 2007. This is the approach behind our dynamic growth, based on a long-term partner-like relationship of cooperation with our clients, but also with employees and vendors."
Piotr Żeromski, CEO