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What is important to us?

Transparency and a spirit of partnership are of key importance to us at each stage of the recruitment process. We make sure that the candidates we talk to have full knowledge of the offer and the recruitment process they are part of. We care about the quality of our processes, which is why we are always in touch with both candidates and clients. Irrespective of the outcome of the recruitment process, the candidate always receives feedback from us. We know it is important to them.

Our history

Every day, since 2007, over two hundred of our consultants have been supporting and running IT and ITC projects for global corporations on five continents.
We believe that the future of a company can only be built on a long-term cooperative relationship based on mutual trust and respect. Our clients’ objectives and the needs of our consultants and employees are always centre stage.

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All you need to do is fill in the recruitment form, talk to us on our chat page, or send us email or a message via LinkedIn or GoldenLine.
Your Mindbox profile
Based on your skills and expectations, we develop your ‘competency profile’. Now you can be sure that we will always remember you in our work.
Receive attractive job offers
You receive offers to work on project that need your skills. You decide which company we will send your CV to.
Recruitment conducted by clients
When your application is delivered to a prospective employer, you will take part in the recruitment process conducted according to the policies followed by that company.
Signing the contract and doing the job
The client has selected the contractor. We confirm the final terms of the contract, sign it and congratulate you on your new job.
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You want to study or pursue new areas of interest? Let’s meet and talk about it!

Attractive compensation
We know that competencies come at a cost, which is why we offer very attractive financial terms.
Unique experience
Accumulate experience and skills: We will take care to make sure you take part in new projects.
Flexible forms of cooperation
Whether you prefer a temporary contract or a permanent position, we will find work for you.
Timely payments
Working with Mindbox on a contract basis is a guarantee of receiving your compensation on time.
Personal consultant
A contract cooperation with Mindbox means you get your paycheck on time.
Flexible work hours
The task-oriented nature of project work often means that you do not need to spend 8 hours at the office every day.

Available cooperation models

Permanent position
Whether you are employed directly by our client or seconded as a Mindbox employee, your permanent employment contract gives you a sense of stability and security. We don’t forget about your career either: you’re always in touch with your recruiter.
Contract work
The contract work model involves work on diverse projects and joining projects teams in different companies, providing unique opportunities to gain experience and business contacts.
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Recommendation Program

"We believe that relationships can and should be built based on openness and full commitment. Talking to each other is key. Our professional recruiters will help you develop your career, by suggesting directions and solutions that are optimal for you. Let us get to know you! Let us guide you into your future!"
Aleksandra Dębicka-Łaśko, Recruitment Manager
Karolina Korpak
Test Lead

As a representative of Mindbox, I feel safe about my future. From the very beginning of your collaboration with Mindbox,  you know you can trust them, and you can sense their professionalism. People looking for work can be certain that, with the right qualifications, they will have a satisfying position. People with a passion for what they do draw satisfaction from their work and from working with others. A great team, very helpful, with tremendous experience in IT. I would definitely recommend them.

Paweł Ligór
SQL Developer

I have been in contact with Mindbox for more than a year now, and I can report that this relationship has been problem-free and enjoyable. The recruitment stage was efficient. I know that I can count on their support in a range of matters (e.g. arranging business trips or advice on self-employment). Payment is always on time! I’m happy to be working with the Mindbox team. I’m enjoying it. 🙂

Jarek Czapliński
Senior .Net Developer

Mindbox is a truly professional partner. Although our collaboration is 100% remote, all the formalities are always in place efficiently and on time. I can honestly recommend working with Mindbox.

Mikhail Bykov
Senior Application Consultant

Flexibility, remote work, great customers and the team to learn from. Mindbox is cool company to work for.

Lucia Morandini
Project Manager

14 months, 1500 consulting days, 20 countries, Mindbox team of 10 consultants from 5 countries. The biggest and most geographically spread project I managed. Mindbox gave me fantastic opportunity to grow my skills and experience.