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We want to get to know you and the ins and outs of your project from the very beginning of our relationship. Do you want to do this project with us? We always look for the optimum solutions and techniques. We work together on an action plan. You can be sure of our maximum commitment to implementing it. Your goal is our priority.
A few words about us
We are staffed by top-notch, experienced specialists who have been working on new technology projects since 2007. This is an industry that is constantly growing, and we grow with it. Every activity is a new challenge and a new adventure. We are keen to share our experience and knowledge with our clients, partners and employees.
We understand perfectly the specific business characteristics and requirements of different projects. We understand the importance of a flexible approach and rapid responses.
Without a doubt, the future of a company is built on long-term cooperative relationships. Mutual trust and respect are key factors. This is how we approach our assignments.
New technologies are a never-ending journey. Let us be your travelling companions.


Our mission is to provide our clients’ projects with specialists of adequate competencies and qualifications. Its essence is partnership in developing career paths and forming long-term relationships, as well as providing support in seeking the best business solutions.


Our vision reflects our belief that every person is responsible for their own development and has the right to fully realize their potential. We want to change the way people think about their career and also the way employers think about their employees. We believe that a more ‘agile’ approach to career management will dynamize it and open up new opportunities for growth, and that employer/employee relations founded on principles of equal partnership and understanding of each others’ needs improve work quality and business effectiveness.


We always respect the spirit and act in compliance with the letter of the law. We place emphasis on sincerity, openness and complete transparency of intentions, which is why we work according to simple standards without resorting to ‘small print’ provisions. We strongly believe that what guarantees success is the win-win rules of cooperation that we have developed, where both parties are satisfied by accomplishing their individual goals.

The right way

We understand that the successful accomplishment of our clients’ projects as well as our specialists’ careers and individual success are largely our responsibility. We can’t afford to cut corners or let matters work themselves out. We believe in quality service, complete commitment, dependability, and accountability for one’s decisions – this is how we define professionalism.

The power of relations

We operate on an everyday basis in the world of new technologies, hard data and urgent projects. However, we always keep it in mind that all of it is created by people and for people. Which is why we focus on gaining the best possible knowledge of our clients and the specialists that we work with. We respect diversity of character and individual expectations and goals. We engage in dialogue and listen to people to identify their needs and look for the best solutions.

Ambitious challenges

Our team are passionate, goal-oriented individuals, which is why nothing motivates or satisfies us more than another success. We derive true joy and pleasure from ambitious challenges, and therefore you can count on us to approach every task with commitment and persistence. We don’t give up easily!

Flexible approach

Although ours may seem a narrowly defined specialization, we are surrounded by an ocean of human diversity – competencies, characters, intentions, dreams and expectations. We try to combine our clients’ business objectives with our specialists’ individual goals optimally to attain the most beneficial results. This would not be possible if we followed a one-size-fits-all procedure with every client. We try to be as flexible and compromise-oriented as possible.

Find out where we can help you.

Every project is different. Every one has its specific business characteristics and requirements. Tell us about your project. We will help you complete it.

ERP Systems
Mindbox has been working with various ERP systems since 2010. We have completed several hundred a implementation and development projects, including dozens of comprehensive implementations, delivering turnkey solutions. In addition to small and medium companies, our clients include multinational corporations operating all around the world.
Robotic Process Automation
Process automation in today’s world is essential and can decide about “to be or not to be” of the company. As a proven partner we conduct our customers through the implementation of cutting-edge tools class RPA. Their implementation bring immediately benefits associated with cost reduction and accelerated of the works.
Cloud Native
Mindbox Cloud Native practice specializes in Kubernetes, Containers, & Programmable Infrastructure. We work with customers on Digital Transformation enabling innovation at speed, increasing security and optimize costs.
Mindbox provides human resources consisting of ERP systems experts, trained telecommunication workers and many other IT specialists.

What makes us different

We want to get to know you and the ins and outs of your project from the very beginning of our relationship. Do you want to do this project with us? We always look for the optimum solutions and techniques. We work together on an action plan. You can be sure of our maximum commitment to implementing it. Your goal is our priority.

Hundreds of projects completed on 5 continents
50% of revenue generated by international projects
About 200 specialists
Over 60 clients - global organizations

Get to know us better

Piotr Żeromski
CEO, President of the Managament Board
Piotr Krzysztoporski
ERP&RPA Practice Director
Artur Tyloch
Cloud & DevOps Practice Director
Barbara Jadczak
Sales&Delivery Manager
Aleksandra Dębicka-Łaśko
Recruitment Manager
Ilona Śmigiel
Finance and Administration Manager
"We treat technology in an instrumental sort of way. It’s solely supposed to help achieve our clients’ goals, rather than satisfying our ambitions. Reliability and integrity are the values we have been guided by ever since the company was formed back in 2007. This is the approach behind our dynamic growth, based on a long-term partner-like relationship of cooperation with our clients, but also with employees and vendors."

Piotr Żeromski, CEO

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