Intelligent OCR

Intelligent OCR

Aiming for a true digital transformation with tangible results?

Intelligent OCR (iOCR) is a tool for extracting data from various types of documents, converting them into electronic form, and uploading them to digital directories. iOCR extracts data from, among other things: printouts, invoices, scans, emails, and more.

The four basic operations performed by an intelligent OCR program include:

  • categorization, i.e., sorting documents by type and custom subcategories
  • optical recognition – identifies and extracts data from the relevant fields on an invoice.
  • verification – performs verification of invoices, forms, and other documents
  • export to document management systems. iOCR can be integrated with document management systems for subsequent data export.

The use of IOCR greatly boosts productivity and reduces document processing time. A well-implemented iOCR enables the digitization of data, which is the first and essential step in digital transformation.

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Case study

Klient: UiPath
Narzędzia: Danone Poland
Data: 2019 - currently
Klient: -
Narzędzia: Large insurance institution
Data: 2022
Klient: CEDC International 
Narzędzia: UiPath
Data: 21.12.2020

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    Training courses

    The greater the knowledge of Intelligent Process Automation, the greater the results of its application. That’s why we launched the Intelligent Process Automation Academy. where we offer both general and specialized training on Intelligent Automation. 

    Learn the UiPath technology - the leader of RPA technology - thanks to which you will be able to program your own robots and gain competencies in such areas as standardization of development, preparation of tests, or monitoring of robots' work.
    Discover the possibilities and limitations of business process automation and gain knowledge, allowing you to assess which activities in your company are worth automating. You will also learn from the training how to precisely plan the project of automation as well as how to evaluate potential bidders.


    Obszary biznesowe

    Nasz zespół ekspertów posiada szeroki zakres umiejętności dotyczący technologii Cloud Native. Koncentrujemy się na programowalnej infrastrukturze i mikro-us ługach. Wykorzystaj naszą wiedzę i doświadczenie w zakresie nowoczesnej infrastruktury Cloudowej.

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    Thanks to our extensive experience, we have developed effective methods for implementing the automation processes. We leave nothing to chance, and each subsequent implementation step logically follows from the previous one. We continue the project until the planned benefits are achieved.

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    Autonomous Enterprise Leaders

    Anna Adamowicz
    Anna Adamowicz
    Senior Business Development Manager

    Anna is responsible for business development, providing Team Leasing services to clients. By providing clients with scalable IT solutions and competencies, she helps to build the value of their business, achieve and often exceed their goals. She is passionate about working with people and technology. Has been working in sales for over 12 years. She appreciates the opportunity to meet new people, places, technologies, and solutions along with the potential they bring. How? Through knowledge sharing, mutual respect and partnership in cooperation, and above all, high-quality of services


    Piotr Krzysztoporski
    Piotr Krzysztoporski
    Vice President Mindbox, ERP & Intelligent Process Automation Practise Director

    Piotr Krzysztoporski – in the ERP industry for over 20 years as a consultant, project manager, department manager, and finally professional services director responsible for several countries in Central East Europe. Experienced in business analysis, optimization of processes, and project management. For over a year, an enthusiast of Robotic Process Automation tools.

    Konrad Jakubiec
    Konrad Jakubiec
    Business Development Director

    Konrad’s professional experience is linked with business and finance. Before joining Mindbox he was strongly involved in RPA and automation inudustry. Prior to this his experience was strongly related to finances: in development and financing of innovative technology businesses within startups and VC fund. Konrad is also a co-creator of Business Process Automation studies on the University of Łódź.

    Krzysztof Kuczkowski
    Krzysztof Kuczkowski
    Head of intelligent Process Automation Delivery Team

    Krzysztof has been dealing with process automation for over 10 years. He started with automation and industrial robotics, later marketing processes automation, and in the last few years, he is passionate about the automation of business processes. At Mindbox, he looks after the Intelligent Process Automation team with whom he implemented projects, including Scania, OLX Group, Danone, and CEDC. He implemented solutions using robotic process automation (RPA), optical character recognition (OCR), and machine learning (ML). He is a certified UiPath developer. He is responsible for consulting, architecture, and implementation of robotization projects. In addition to work, he spends his free time in the mountains and competes in long-distance running.

    Krzysztof Sikora
    Senior Business Development Manager

    Business Development Manager and Process Robotization Analyst supporting Mindbox customers in the implementation of business process automation. Krzysztof’s main tasks include the search, identification and analysis of potential processes for the implementation of automation as well as recommending solutions and technologies that quickly bring value.
    Interdisciplinary knowledge and experience in the areas of B2B marketing, marketing research, and IT technological solutions allow Krzysztof to better understand the client and listen to the needs and problems of process owners.
    A supporter of the “Automation First” direction and an agile approach to implementing automation.

    Jakub Bugdoll
    Senior RPA Developer

    Jakub has been involved in business process automation for four years. He started his adventure with robots by coding in VBA. He specializes in UiPath tools and has already designed dozens of fully independent processes. Since 2020, at Mindbox, he has been advancing his skills in areas that expand standard RPA automation to make them more complex, with the support of OCR tools and e-learning machine solutions. Simple automation supported by other technologies meets today’s business’s needs even better. In his spare time, Jakub programs small home IoT solutions.



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