Autonomous Enterprise

We automate processes using technologies with short time to value.

Why you may need Intelligent Process Automation?

If you want:

  • to make better use of your team’s creative potential – our solutions free the employees from routine tasks, allowing them to focus on more value-creating tasks
  • to reduce errors in repetitive business activities such as data entry – machines are much less prone to errors than humans
  • an integration of IT systems in your company – we will integrate your IT, boosting its effectiveness and performance
  • a digital transformation of workplaces – we digitize your company’s processes and operations, saving you time, money and increasing your company’s productivity
  • a scalable business model – made possible with our IT solutions
  • a digital workplace transformation – we digitize company processes and operations, saving you time, money and increasing company productivity
  • digital workplace transformation – we digitize company processes and operations, saving you time, money and increasing company productivity

Autonomous Enterprise

Autonomous Enterprise, Intelligent Process Automation – IPA, Hyperautomation, Business Process Automation – BPA or Robotic Process Automation – RPA, is one of the major trends in the digital transformation of global business.


Using robots and computer systems, business process automation executes and optimizes most of the company’s repetitive activities, easing the burden on employees, reducing errors and providing productivity gains.

We are enhancing the robots with cognitive functions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms – so they can execute more complex processes


Our robots often work bridging the integration gap between the different systems used in the organization, as well as at the touchpoints of the organization and external partners.

Find out what processes
you can automate in your organization

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Autonomous Enterprise - Our Offering

The Autonomous Enterprise offering at Mindbox includes the following components:

Business Process Robotization

Supports employees in their daily duties, increases management efficiency, and optimizes the functioning of the entire company.


Business Applications

Allow you to effectively manage the flow of information in the form of digital data. Set yourself free from paper forms, applications, and signatures.

Intelligent OCR systems

Convert multiple types of documents (scans, PDF files) into fully editable, digital data. This quickly and easily makes them usable to the employees throughout the company.

System Integrations

They interconnect multiple disparate company IT systems, bridging the integration gap.

High-performance Al models.

Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, because of their cognitive functions help automate business processes that are not subject to fixed rules and are less predictable.

The Intelligent Process Automation Academy

Smart automation training courses enable our clients to understand better and use our technologies, thus contributing to getting satisfying results quicker.

What to automate

Processes having readable input data

Procedures with source data in such formats as Excel, Word, email, XML, PPT, PDF, etc.


Processes with low levels of exceptions

Activities with a low number of variability scenarios that result in different handling procedures.

Manual and repetitive processes

Activities that are launched on a regular basis, which require a lot of manual work with a significant risk of errors.

Mature and stable processes

Proceedings that are well documented with predictable operating expenses.

Rule-based processes

Activities executed according to predefined templates and detailed instructions, with a low level of exceptions and variables.

Processes on which savings can be achieved through their automation

Periodic operations with a large pile-up of manual tasks, such as employees entering contractor invoices into the system at the end of each month.

Processes with high transaction volumes and high frequency

Cyclical operations performed on a large number of data. E.g. posting of thousands of invoices or generating working time reports for hundreds of employees.

Processes with unchanging processing method and stable systems

Projects that do not result in changes to the basic technical architecture of the functioning structures, such as the development of a new interface or reconfigurations of existing systems.


Our team of experts has a broad range of skills regarding Cloud Native technologies. We focus on programmable infrastructure.

Managed Services

We offer ongoing support for the technologies implemented. We take care of the maintenance, servicing and supervision of your company’s Intelligent Process Automation, so that you can focus on your business.

Building a competitive advantage in non-core business areas

Streamlined company organization resulting from the transfer of care of new IT solutions into the hands of experts

Ability to redirect all operational resources to achieve the defined business objectives

Constant access to top-notch specialists who are up to date with the trends of Intelligent Process Automation

Appropriate qualification of expenses as CAPEX instead of OPEX

No downtime or outages

Case study

Klient: UiPath
Narzędzia: Danone Poland
Data: 2019 - currently
Klient: -
Narzędzia: Large insurance institution
Data: 2022
Klient: CEDC International 
Narzędzia: UiPath
Data: 21.12.2020

Training courses

The greater the knowledge of Intelligent Process Automation, the greater will be the results of its application. That’s why we launched the Intelligent Process Automation Academy. where we offer both general and specialized training on Intelligent Automation. 

Learn the UiPath technology - the leader of RPA technology - thanks to which you will be able to program your own robots and gain competencies in such areas as standardization of development, preparation of tests, or monitoring of robots' work.
Discover the possibilities and limitations of business process automation and gain knowledge, allowing you to assess which activities in your company are worth automating. You will also learn from the training how to precisely plan the project of automation as well as how to evaluate potential bidders.


Obszary biznesowe

Nasz zespół ekspertów posiada szeroki zakres umiejętności dotyczący technologii Cloud Native. Koncentrujemy się na programowalnej infrastrukturze i mikro-us ługach. Wykorzystaj naszą wiedzę i doświadczenie w zakresie nowoczesnej infrastruktury Cloudowej.

Why us?



Offering tailored
to your needs

We are
creating solutions

Process workflow

Thanks to our extensive experience, we have developed effective methods for implementing the automation processes. We leave nothing to chance, and each subsequent implementation step logically follows from the previous one. We continue the project until the planned benefits are achieved.

A short list of
processes to automate
a budget
Preparation of
the schedule
Teaching robots
on data
Granting access
Meeting with
the process owner
Preparation of
Writing codes
and scripts
Transfer to
production environment
possible faults
mobile workflow


Autonomous Enterprise Leaders

Krzysztof Sikora
Head of Business Development

Business Development Manager and Process Robotization Analyst supporting Mindbox customers in the implementation of business process automation. Krzysztof’s main tasks include the search, identification and analysis of potential processes for the implementation of automation as well as recommending solutions and technologies that quickly bring value.
Interdisciplinary knowledge and experience in the areas of B2B marketing, marketing research, and IT technological solutions allow Krzysztof to better understand the client and listen to the needs and problems of process owners.
A supporter of the “Automation First” direction and an agile approach to implementing automation.


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