14 May 2018
Aleksandra Dębicka-Łaśko

On an everyday basis, I am responsible for the development and growth of Mindbox – its people and the team I work with. As part of my duties, I organize, coordinate and support. I always try to be nearby, ready to help and advise.

For years, I have developed an interest in advanced technologies and people who want to work in and for this field. Growing in the IT environment has been extremely exciting and motivating. There is always something going on.

After work? I do not slow down.

I have a family and passion for sweet living and sewing – I love baking cakes for my family and team at Mindbox. I like experimenting with textures and flavours. Recently, I have also taken up sewing – of everything. That is correct: with a sewing machine. I have already been able to give away some of my works. Both baking and sewing give me a lot of satisfaction, quick results (tasty or beautiful ;)) and an outlet for creativity.

Creativity is what drives development. And that is so great!

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